Informational signboards in the “Dilijan” National Park

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On 1st of October, the “Young Biologists Association” NGO in cooperation with “Dilijan” National Park, posted several informational signboards in surroundings of 5 ecotourism trails. The signboards will provide an opportunity for the visitors to get an information about epiphytic lichens and their host tree biodiversity.

New guide to common epiphytic macrolichens of Armenia is available

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As a result of cooperation between president of the “Young Biologists Association NGO, Arsen Gasparyan and Professor Pier Luigi Nimis, Trieste University, Italy, the A guide to common epiphytic macrolichens of Armenia is created. This identification key includes 51 species of common epiphytic macrolichens of Armenia, occurring in the temperate forests of Northern Armenia and in open, arid woodlands in the South   of the Country.

The Lichen of the Year 2015 has been announced

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The Lichen of the Year 2015 in Armenia is Peltigera praetextata (Flörke ex Sommerf.) Zopf. On 22 of May 2015, in the frame of “Biodiversity of the Year 2015″ public campaign, the Peltigera praetextata is announced as a lichen of the year. More than 200 people participated in online public voting and voted for Ramalina farinaceaFlavoparmelia caperata and  Peltigera praetextata.